Step-by-step tying instruction for Black bear green butt tube fly


Step-by-step tying instruction for Black bear green butt conehead tube fly

Black bear green butt conehead tube fly

This fly is a conehead tube fly


Tying instruction.

This is a modern variation of the classic Black bear green butt fitted with cone head, to keep the tube horizontal in the water. When the fly has to be fished, it's important to fix the hook by a 5 turn knot as have to be pulled into the rear end of the tube. Therefore; Do not melt a collar at this end of tube.



Rear body            


Body hackle 

Front body

Front hackle



2" plastic tube (2 mm).

Medium oval silver tinsel.

Green & yellow Antron yarn + strands of green Angelhair.

Fluo green starlight dubbing.

Medium oval silver tinsel.

Black hen or cock.

Black starlight dubbing.

Guinea fowl.

Black & green highlander temple dog + strands of fluo green Finehair, green & black Angelhair, Come's alive flash in green.


Materials used for this fly.

  • 2" 2mm plastic tube.

  • Small silver conehead

  • Medium oval silver tinsel.

  • Yellow & green Antron yarn

  • Green Angelhair

  • Fluo green & black starlight dubbing.

  • Black cock hackle feather.

  • Black & Green highlander temple dog.

  • Black Angelhair, fluo green Finehair, Come's alive flash, green.

  • Guinea hackle.


Materials for body & wing.


Here's plastic tube & conehead together with the other materials.


2" 2mm plastic tube & small silver conehead


Guinea hackle for front hackle.


Tools used for this operation.


Antron yarn & tinsel for tail & rib.


Green & yellow Antron yarn brushed together with green Angelhair, for preparing the tail.


Plastic tube mounted in tube-vise.


Tie in the thread. Leave  a " at the rear end of tube.


Tie in medium silver tinsel for the tag.


Wrap five turns.


Cut off the surplus.


Tie in the tinsel again, next to the tag.


Prepare the foundation for the rear body and the tail.


Here the tail has been tied in.


Make a thread loop in a dubbing twister.


Fluo green Starlight dubbing is put into the thread loop.


The dubbing is twisted.


The rear body has been dubbed.


Tie in the body hackle in the tip.


Bend over the tip & secure it by the thread.


Make a new loop, this time with black Starlight dubbing.


Twist dubbing and turn it on the body.


The rib has been wrapped, 5 turns.


Turn thee body hackle over black part only, secure and cut off surplus.


Prepare the upperwing.


The top wing is tied in first of all and the tail is trimmed.


By your thumbnail, press hair half way around the tube on top.


Tie in 4 strands Come's alive flash.


Tie in 6 strands of fluo green Finehair.


Tie in the green inner wing, shorter than the black topwing.


Guinea hackle for front hackle, tied in at the tip.


Guinea hackle is turned.


Guinea hackle is secured and surplus cut away.


Sorry, bad photo. Just to show that the hair is turned rear over the body.


The thread is on outside of the wing.


Make a whip finish knot.


Here the needle is turned opposite


The conehead is mounted on the end of the tube and the wing has been flipped over.


Now, press the conehead against the body, compress the body as much as possible, to avoid loose conehead during fishing.


The finished fly.

May not be used commercial without written permission.